Thursday, November 24, 2011

travel northsulawesi indonesia
travel north sulawesi indonesia

north sulawesi holiday tour

north sulawesi holiday tour
dive bunaken,lembeh.gangga and bangka island ,tangkoko nature reserve,dumoga bone national park,bentenan island dive and stay,and minahasa highland explore peaple and its nature volcano lokon ,mahawu,soputan, and klabat,lake and tradional market in tomohon.waruga [stone coffin] rice field dance, and its traditinal mucik

northsulawesi diving holiday

diving holiday in northsulawesi under organize by guide jotje lala
dive bunaken,lembeh,gangga island,bentenan -tumbak sea garden,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

north sulawesi volcano adventure tour

north sulawesi volcano adventure tour
*soputan volcano
*mahawu volcano
soputan volcano
klabat mountain trekking
lokon volcano
if you need guide for volcano and mouuntains  all over indonesia you
or indonesia tourist guide association [itga] in province in destinatination you vote to visit.
as member of world federation tourist guide asociation

Sunday, November 13, 2011

mahawu volcano trekking tour

path road before the top of mahawu volcano
strawberry plantation before the top of mahawu before rurukan village.
mahawu volcano treeking tour and my green peace tour.
treeking mahawu volcano and plant trees for reforest and cleaning the plastic on the top of volcano.
guide jotje lala ,vasko tuaidan and tree travelers

traveller from hongkong plant tree
traveller from hongkong plant tree
traveler from england plant tree on mahawu
2hongkong traveler and1english on the top of mahawu
mahawu crater
solar power on the top of mahawu with manado city and bunaken island panoramo
treek down
3 travellers from fitlandia ready to plan trees om mahawu
travellers donate for reforest.guidewith travelers from fitlandia
giuide jotje lala plant tree
unresponsible lokal camping tourrist litre it but is clean it by guide jotje lala

on the top of mahawu
trekk down
egg plant on the the treek down
rice field on treek down
treek from rurukan and treek down to kakaskase where you can see a good panorama about bunaken island,mountain klabat and lembeh strait,soputan volcano,steaming active volcano lokon,and if you sunrise you can see sanger island with the top of ruang volcano and karangetan volcano.mahawu volcano is locatet in very central of minahasaland.