Thursday, July 4, 2013

sulawesi guide tours and information service

babi rusa you can see in adudunantu forest gorontalo sulawesi.

Sulawesi tours guide and information service.
sulawesi family travel.

top of labat mountain.

toraget hotspring.

lokon volcano.

tangkoko nature reserve tour.

volcanoes guide.

tangkoko naturereserve tour.

Travelling explore the best of lovely and wonderfull sulawesi of course you neeg the licenced guide with competancy in guide service. i am guide jotje lala can guide in sulawesi,organize your transportation and can give in formation about the best to do here sulawesi indonesia.
you can see me guide jotje lala in my village wailan tomohon city,north sulawsi indonesia.
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regard from guide jotje lala.
and try my adventure tour for volcanoes in north sulawesi.
and minahasa highland tour.
or you can see in this info.
for the tari travel guess in this info.
i speak litle bit holland.
info bunaken.
than you for planning to visit sulawesi indonesia
and visit
this my newest in formation about my tour to active lokon volcano and soputan so you can see.

my new volcano tour information.