Sunday, September 22, 2013

sulawesi lovely and wonderful tour,volcanoes and and birding tour

tangkoko tour.


scaly king fisher

maleo bird
sulawesi lovely and wonderful tour
guide jotje lala is swimming in nature hotspring in toraget minahasa highland.

guide jotje lala motivated tourist toplant trees in mahawu volcano.

guide jotje lala in the crater of lokon volcano.

guide jotje lala can guide you for minahasa highland.

guide jotje lala can organize your for tangkoko nature reserve.

guide jotje lala can guide you lovely and wonderful spots in sulawesi indonesia.
sulawesi is realy lovely wanderful island try with gude jotje lala to explore.

guide jotje lala can guide to see pigdeer[babi rusa ]in adudu nantu forest.

volcanoes link.
lokon volcano before erution 2011
lokon eruption i was there and this guide jotje lala.

tang link.

explore maleo birds and purple bee eater  in dumoga bone national park and around ambamg nature reserve and other sulawesi birds in this area.
see my birding tours with mr bernart and yolanda from germany.

purple bee eater is sulawesi endemic bird you just find in sulawesi.

maleo birds you can find in .

inthis blog you can find my tour with bernart and yolanda from german so you can see inthis my new webblog sulawesi volcanoes guide this the link about volcanoes tour and birding around vol mhawu volcano,soputan volcano ,lokon volcano,dumogabonenationalpark and ambang nature reserve.
try your tours organize by guide jotje lala in sulawesi  indonesia.
* volcanoes tours
* sulawesi birds watching tour.
*babi rusa adunantu tour.
*minahasa highland tours
* tangkoko and dumogabonenationalpark tours.

tour with family organize and guide direckly by guide jotje lala.
link afamily tour album.
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