Tuesday, March 13, 2012

guide jotje lala is the definitly the best

if your looking for aguide, don,t go futher-jotje lala is one you need,he,ll take you to best places around
bunaken where the beautfull colors corals a fish lay.he,ll take you the best of lodge in bunaken national park.a paradise and with great pod a atmosphere and he will show you the reef  in the difference place.remember one day snorklingtour in bunaken is unforgetable day. guide jotje lala is definitely the best.ask about lokon volcano in his  village.

 alain franco journalist france and holand*****
hallo jo kecil :het was fantastisch in bunaken yij was eend hele prettige gids .missschien komen.we nog ee hee terug.heel erg bedanht.
groete van ali end dinie remmels
wittenstr amsterdam
guide jotje lala acting as an excellent guide for us for our trip to bunaken island.jotje lala knows the place of the best for slepping and snorkling try him for the best.
stephen ward
bonjour a vous les francais qui prendront la reler....
et mercy a guide de jotje lala de nous faire decouvrier bunaken
bourhis et francoise,france.
if you like minahasa legens or want to know the best place places of bunaken thi is the man.and if you like to climb lokon volcano in tomohon.you are not wrong to with him.jotje lala super guide and super honest.
he makes good coffee too.
journalist debby martyr

make your trails tour with guide jotje lala in minahasa highland and other parts in north sulawesi.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

touring with you guide jotje lala was grea

 dear guide jotje lala.
touring with you was great guide jotje lala and tompasa -toraget  hotspa.http://toragethotspringandspa.blogspot.com.magnificent lake view. cosy water,and nice volcan mud.
 Mt lokon's really fun too,nice relaxy journey to the crater.http://lokonvolcanoadventuretour.blogspot.com.
thanks alot for taking us there.you are the best tour guide!! many thanks will come again one day toraget spa. + to see you. wish you the best and hope you ll get to you a resort near toraget hotspring in near future.

we had a fantastic day with guide jotje lala

we had a fantastic day with guide jotje lala.he showed us magnificent minahasa highland with good site many sites.tondano lake,linolake,woloan villagefor traditionl minahasa house industry via nice rice field in guide jotje lala village,tomohon market and the hots baths and mud-packs probably the faforite.10 hrs of lots site.country side grnd and driver was good.highly recomended
 linnette staff office australian embassy indonesia
nerida from australia

jotje lala was good guide

jotjelala was good guide and took us on lovely trek up to the lokon volcano which was very immpresive.it was pretty avtive on the day we went and ther was alot of stem so watet for to see the crater lake so in ten minutes we could see  the imppresive  crater lake .  and from the crater  we  had great panorama to the lake tondano thank you guide jotje lala.you are the best guide.

excellent guide jotje lala

guide jotje lala is excellent excelllent guide for lokon and mahawu volcanoes.the walk up lokon to the crater is very interestin. you definitey need a professional guide with english speaking guide.it would be almost impossible to find the way your self.
ask guide jotje lala. he speaks good english and he the best guide.
stve markus from usa

great and knologeble guide jotjelala

great volcano guide jotje lala
soputan is anice walk and the viw is amazing.soputan eruped oktober and ishow it lokon a short and steep climbing but very active and not tobe tried without  aguide.
guide jotje lala is a gret and knowlegeble
hogger heiden from holand