Saturday, May 26, 2012

minnahasa higland tour 22,23,25may 2012

minahsa higland tour 22,23,25 april 2012 guided acouple from swisserland stayyin pulisant jungle resort,
acouple from holand stayed in onong palace tomohon,guided a group fammily from denmark stay in pulisan jungle resort. under guideed by sulawesi guide jotje lala.
see the best in minahasa land contact your guide jotje lala.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

lokon volcano adventure tour 17 may 2012

lokon volcano adventure tour 17 may 2012

phot by guide jotje lala.
guided a couple from cjeko public.
stayed in pulisan jungle resert
guided by guide jotje lala.
it was eruption you can see here

minahasa tour with mr yan and katrin from holand

planted tree in mahawu volcano
firs destination to find the house in in tomohon,theroom where  thy was born and to infommation letter for his born day in tomohon because mister yan canot mary without his akte of born. every is ok.
catan cipil tondano
guide jotje lala guided them.