Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Manado city.

Thismunicpality is the the capital andcommercial centre, the main gate way to north sulawesi province. The land structure shows amorpholgy of wavy slopes and andhills inthe nothern and central park ofthe city. The southernpart is made up of the mountain foot of vulcanoes in central of minahasa land.The prncipal deep-water port of nothern sulawesi,however,is bitung,about 48 km from manado city. This seaport carries trde between one island and the others island, as well as with Singapura and The philipines. For intercity road travelling it good, particularly the network linking mina,bitung,bolaang mongodow and to gorontalo province.

Bunaken national park and its sea garden.the
the whole area comprises of bunaken,manadotua,siladen,nain and montehage islands, including the coastal areas of molas,meras,tongkeina and tiwoho. in the south there is arakan and wawontulap. the sea garden o f bunaken island is especially magnficent and abundent with various forms and with color of the corals and underwater creatures and fish. among the attraction that is rarely found in other places are sleep drop off,caves,tunnels,cracks,and magnificent curves,the bunaken sea garden is still very outstanding and very wellknown around the world as one of the most beautiful sea garden in the world, visited by foreign and domestic tourists. A range of facilties are provided on bunaken island, such as lodging, restaurants.glas-bottomed boats [catamaran], diving equipments,etc. it is onlyabout 30 minutes trip from manado to bunaken island by speed boat.

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