Tuesday, June 19, 2012

adventure lokon volcano 19 june 2012 start from www.pulisanresort-sulawesi.com

photograhy bernd margotte from swisszerlandwww.berndmargotte.com
mr jalal tarazi from USA
guide jotje lala.
adventure lokon volcano start from www.pulisanresort-sulawesi.com. guided mr jalal from USA and bern margotte as photography from swissserland.guide by guide jotje lala http://volcanoguidejotjelala.blogspot.com. as bit for this adventure tour.
asses inthe road in wailan village by eruption of lokon volcano 20 june 2012.
lokon when were on the crater bit eruption and we were eating in sineleian restaurant.the eruption become more and more.and 20 june early in the morning eruption again where the asses from lokon volcano come to wailan village [in the guide jotje lala village] but no problem.

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