Sunday, September 18, 2016

north sulawesi volcano adventure tour

on the norththern top of lokon volcano
on the the top of soptan volcano anak

north sulawesi volcano adventure tour.
on the top of klabat dormant volcano
adventure to soputan volcano,lokon volcano,klabat dormant volcano,trkking to tampusu volcano and mahawuvolcano sunrise and sunset and bird watching tour.
you can also climb the summit of lokon volcano and soputan volcano if the volcanoes id not in alert 3.
klabat mountain you climb the top for 8 hours up and after camping on the top.but better make 12 hours up and started very early around 5 oclock in the morning still cool and arive on the top make tent on the very top of this mountain.
information link
for lokon
my guidinp trip and my newest album tour to soputan
other you can see in this
so enjoy your adventure in sulawesi with guide jotje
in this trip as you can see that i was on the crter of lokon volcano and on the summit of lokon volcano whe i guided acouple frop germany mr moritz and mrs mica and mr sam and mrs skyler from USA on 18 september 2016

contact me if you need me as guide in northsulawesi i will do my best for you.
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