Tuesday, December 13, 2016

soputan volcano adventure tour,klabat mountain,lokon active volcano.

hiking and climbind to the summit bit hard.
contact me guide lala via whatsapp.
anytime you want.
WA :
1 soputan volcano venture tour and posiblecamping and after to the very summit point.
if the volcano not in alert 3 posible to summit.
or you can ssee in this info.
2 klabat must be camping to the top or summit.
3lokon volcano posible to go up to summit.
thetop crater of soputan volcano

hiking to very top of soputan volcano mobile camera

top of soputan volcano by mobile camera

top of soputan volcano

soputan volcano

in this trip i can guide to this mountain camping or not camping exept klabat we must do camping.
north sulawesi mountain and volcanoes information.

you can find me in thisbook for soputan volcano information about guide jotje lala

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