Tuesday, June 22, 2010


FLORA AND FAUNA and guide jotje lala photos tour.
The great 19th century naturalist, alfrets russel wallace [1823-1913 was the first to observe that the indonesia archipelago is inhabited by two distinct sets of wildlife.. wallaces'line, as this boundary is known, is drawn between bali and lombokand between kalimantan and sulawesi, and continues south of the phillipines and north hawai to mark the difference in the fauna and flora which belonged to the separed land masses in the last ice age.sulawesi is believed to have been isolated from both contnental shelf and therefore has its own special flora and fauna. although kalimantan and sulawesi are not separated by any signicant physisical barrier,birds and mamals of these tw island are differen from the stand point, the line is less apparent,sulawesi'splnts appear to be more closely related to those of other dry anoa[dwarf buffalo], babi russa[ a wilds boar with tusks grouwing throug the roof of its mouth],black tailess macaques,kuskus, maleobird[ which its 250 gram eggs in mounds of soil warmed by sunlight hotspring or volcanicvents]tarsier[tarsius spectrum world'smalles primate] with its heaad and body length of just 10 cm,brightly colored red -knobbed horn bill,etc. Many ofthese species may be observed in tngkoko batu angus nature reserve and Dumoga bone national park.

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