Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Nort sulawesi with its capital city manado,is one of tourist desttinations in indonesia,situated on strategically on nortern tip of sulawesi island,this land owns vast coconut and clove plantatios,nugmeg plantation,active vulcanos,lakes,rivers and its water fall,thick forest,nature hotsprings for swimming,white-sand beach and magnificent coral reef,hundreds of remote islands,ancient thombs -burial site,village with its rice field,outstanding snorkeling and diving,traditonal mucik and dance. To the north of this region borders on the philippines, sulawesi sea and pacific ocean.The eastern part borders on maluku sea.The western part borders on gorontalo provice.Along this peninsula are extinct volcanos,each towering 1500-2000m.Two vulcano overlook manado.Rich volcanic ash has blessed north sulawesi with fertilelands;the highlands and lowlands producing rice,coconut,cloce,nutmeg,vanilla.coffe,and vegetables.
North sulawesi has tropical monsoon climate with distinct wae and dry seasons. Starting from sptember,cool nrth westerly winds pick moisture while crossing the china sea and arrives in the sulawesi sea about november to marc,and the dry sea son april to october.The total numbers of rain day are 90-130 days with approximately 30 000 mm averate annual rainfall.The average temperature is 26 celcius with the avera humidity being 80%.
History can not verify the origins of tribes inhabiting the northern part of sulawesi island.Folktales such as LOLODA MOKOAGOU of bolaang mongondow and TOAR LUMIMUUT OF MINAHASA EXplain that the tribes in nort sulawesi may have come vietnam and kampuchea in south east asia.
In the 1820s,dutch colonialism brougtht in wake overbearing reformist protestants who began missionary work.By 1860 nearly the entire population had been converted. By vistue of education in christian and Dutch schools,established very early in companion to the rest of indonesia,the minahasans were widely employed in in the dutch civil service and colonial army prior to to independence 1945.Islam was brougt by merchants to gorontalo and bolaang mongondow.Islam was brought to minahasa by prince diponegoro, imam bonjol,kyai mojo and their followers when they exiled by Dutch to minahasa.Today north sulawesi is inhabited by christian,islam,budhism,hindusm,and majority jewish only one synagoge.

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